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Joan_Christodoulou, Ph.D. 



Ιωάννα Χριστοδούλου




As a first generation Greek American, I strongly believe in the value of varied perspectives in language, life, and any field of study. My family, my travels, my relationships, my education, and my investigations guide and nourish me as a researcher, an educator, and life explorer.





Ph.D. in Applied Cognitive Psychology, Claremont Graduate University
M.Phil. in Social & Developmental Psychology, University of Cambridge, UK
B.A., University of California, Berkeley


  • Editing & Writing

  • Statistics

  • Research Methods


  • Introduction to Psychology

  • Cognitive & Developmental Psychology

  • Research Methods & Statistics



Philani: A Home Visiting Intervention in South Africa

The Philani Program is unique as it shifts healthcare tasks to local township women that are trained to be community health workers known as Mentor Mothers. This project aims to evaluate the impact of the home visiting program on maternal and child health in the Townships of Cape Town.


Medication Adherence Trainer (MAT)

Applying cognitive theories based on multisensory learning and positive framing offers the opportunity to address several barriers to medication adherence among youth. This interactive demonstration allows youth to listen to the information about their medication, while looking at a visual demonstration of how it works in their body, and practicing adherence.


EEG Pitzer Baby Lab: Are You Paying Attention?

While behavioral methods, i.e. eye tracking, typically serve as the measure of attention in many attention studies, EEG offers an opportunity to measure both covert and overt attention, even in infants. Our work validated a novel EEG measure of attention for infants using SSVEPs.


The DML focuses on investigating risk and protective factors influencing development from early childhood into early adulthood in underserved children, youth, and their families.

Elizabeth Shaw is a PhD student in Clinical Psychology at Palo Alto University. She is originally from Seattle, WA and graduated from Smith College in 2016 with a BA in psychology. After graduation, she researched the effects of early life adversity using fMRI data at the University of Washington. Elizabeth also worked at the Autism Center, providing therapy for children diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. She is interested in researching resilience in children/adolescents that have experienced early life adversity. Elizabeth is currently working on projects around the impact of COVID-19 on adolescents and the impact of alloparenting in South Africa.


Gentry is a PhD student in the Clinical Psychology program at Palo Alto University. She has earned three Master’s degrees (Secondary Education, Psychology, and Marriage and Family Therapy). She also has two bachelor’s degrees (Psychology and Criminal Justice). Gentry is interested in pursuing research related to maternal mental health and the maternal bond. In her free time, Gentry enjoys traveling, watching movies, and spending time with her two cats — Remy and Harlow.


Elise (she/ her) is a Clinical Psychology PhD student at Palo Alto University. She graduated from Salisbury University with a BS in Elementary and Early Childhood Education in 2016 and a BA in Psychology with a minor in cognitive science in 2020. Elise is currently interested in researching children’s developmental cognitive abilities, such as language, memories, emotion regulation, and executive functioning. During her free time Elise likes to read, go to the beach, and hang out with friends.


Noemie Cloutier is a PhD student in the Clinical Psychology program at Palo Alto University. She received her B.A. degree in Psychology with a minor in English from Lewis and Clark College. She plans to pursue the Trauma area of emphasis with a focus on children and adolescents, and has continuing experience as a teacher with a variety of age groups.